Our Certifications and Memberships: Upholding Excellence

At Sporting Syndicate, our commitment to excellence is reinforced by a range of prestigious certifications and memberships. These accolades reflect our unwavering dedication to quality, sustainability, and ethical practices in sports gear manufacturing.

  • ISO with British Standard Institute for Higher quality norms

    Our ISO certification is a testament to our adherence to international quality standards, ensuring that every product bearing our name meets the highest benchmarks of excellence.

  • BSCI Certificate

    Our commitment to ethical business practices is highlighted by our Business Social Compliance Initiative (BSCI) certification, reflecting fair treatment of workers and responsible sourcing.

  • Sedex Approved

    As a Sedex-approved organization, we prioritize transparency, ethical conduct, and responsible business practices throughout our supply chain.

  • No Child Labor Certificate

    We proudly hold a No Child Labor Certificate, emphasizing our dedication to a child labor-free production environment.

  • FSC Certificate

    Our Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) certification underscores our use of sustainable, eco-friendly materials, contributing to forest conservation.

  • CE Certificate

    Our CE certification ensures that our products meet the safety, health, and environmental protection standards required for distribution within the European Economic Area.

  • ISO with British Standard Institute for Higher Quality Norms

  • BSCI Certificate

  • Sedex Approved

  • FSC Certificate

  • ISO with Environmental Management System

  • FIFA Basic Certificate

  • FIFA Quality Pro Certificate

  • Proud Members of FIFA

    Our membership in FIFA signifies our deep-rooted association with the world of football and our dedication to providing gear that stands up to the demands of the game.

  • World Rugby

    Our affiliation with World Rugby showcases our commitment to rugby enthusiasts, offering equipment that upholds the spirit and integrity of the sport.

  • Sports Goods Export Promotion Council

    As proud members of the Sports Goods Export Promotion Council, we actively contribute to the growth and promotion of India's sports goods industry on a global scale.

  • Sports Goods Foundation of India

    Our membership in the Sports Goods Foundation of India demonstrates our commitment to fostering collaboration and development within the sports industry in our homeland.

Each certification and membership is a reflection of our values and a testament to the trust we've earned from athletes, enthusiasts, and organizations worldwide. These accolades inspire us to continually strive for excellence, innovation, and positive impact on the world of sports.